Friday, 30 December 2011

24 week Twin scan

Well that scan went very well :)

Not only are they still girl and boy (although the sonographer thought otherwise to begin with) they have also caught up with each other. The little man is nearly measuring the same as the girlie but he weighs more than her too! Well shes 1lb 06oz and he is 1lb 07oz :D

They are still measuring a week behind but I am really pleased with that and hoping now as my food intake gets better by the end of Jan when I have my next scan they would have done even better.

Oh there was one little shock, Twin one is breech extended. She looked so uncomfortable and I now realise why my ribs are hurting more (head right in it) and now that's prompted me to get the birth ball and get on my hands and knees more (haha).

Natasha x

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Twin Pregnancy - 24 weeks- Home water birth here we come!

23 weeks 24 weeks

So after many weeks of illness, stress, birthdays and Christmas...... I am back and have more time now to update!

I contacted a local'ish IM (Independent Midwife) as after the consultation I knew then that searching for support was and is my only option.
I was told to get in touch with Jane Evans by another local IM as she has had Twin birth experience. I needed to know all my options and explore what I could, although affording one is questionable right now it's an avenue I needed to look at.

Well how pleased was I when I spoke to Jane! She was wonderful, very very informative, wise and you could hear the confidence in her voice. I was talking to someone with the complete opposite views of the consultant but it just felt so very right and comfortable, like I was talking to someone with complete sense!

She gave me great advice about diet and getting the babies to term and that if I am unable to get support from the NHS (will go into in a sec) then we would certainly be able to work something out. Massive weight lifted!

Now I have been told the new head of midwifery starting in Jan has facilitated a Twin homebirth under the NHS (not too long ago and of course went wonderfully :) )
I might be able to get her to help me, I am going to set up a meeting with her hopefully very soon (fingers crossed).

I have also found a new lovely midwife.... well I haven't met her yet but I have heard lovely things about her and tomorrow will be setting up an appointment with her. She asked me to book a double appointment as there's quite a bit to chat about so I am really excited!

The babies seem to be doing well, I have another scan on the 30th Dec 11, I am hoping my extra eating will have made them catch up and be closer to their gestation. I am not going to stress about it (as it wont help!) but I am really going to aim to get them matching with their current week and each other. Fingers crossed I will deliver two healthy 6lb + babies (at least!) after 37 weeks! (Lottie was 6lbs at 37 weeks so I think this is doable!)
I have been visualising the birth happening in water in my kitchen, I can see it and it's really helping me focus and not feel so worried about it all. It feels pretty daunting sometimes and I feel this will be quite an experience!

Well hopefully by next week I will have an appointment and some news from the scan.

Natasha x

Monday, 5 December 2011

21 weeks Pregnant with twins ~ No more after this!

Still feeling on quite a high at the moment from finding out we are lucky enough to be having one of each. I will however be asking at our next scan on the 30th (being scanned every 4 weeks) to check just in case! Although she seemed pretty certain. It just feels so surreal to be having a boy, I will have 3 girls and 1 boy. I am so excited!

We have also come to the decision (and will be made final after birth) that OH is going to get the snip. I don't want anymore children. It feels strange to say this but I feel comfortable with that thought, being only 25 it might seem a little early to be thinking that but OH is 31 and feels as done as I do. I will have 4 children before I'm 26, a stomach apron and will be wearing enough of my heart on my sleeve for the rest of my life!

So yes this will be my last pregnancy, which is a sad thought but I feel so very lucky to be sharing my last with two babies :)

They are both still head down which I can tell by movement and their heartbeats are very low down.
I'm sure our girly is still deep in my pelvis (sonographer pointed this out as she found it difficult getting measurements) and I can imagine them both in this position (cue very bad paint drawing!)

I think they are facing each other and more towards my back, both placentas are high and on the back too. On the scan it looked like one massive placenta so I'm expecting a fused placenta to give birth too that I have read can occur.

Placenta encapsulation is still on the cards too, I am going to really start looking into it properly as I think we are going to do it ourselves unless we can magic up some money (around £100 or so). The health benefits seem great, and it's just such an easy way to consume too (couldn't imagine cooking it and then eating it.......... no thanks!)
I really want to get a print of the placenta too, I am feeling quite mother earthy type at the moment and having read about the 'hippy' mums doing it all over the world I want to do it too! although they are not all 'hippy' I know ;-) but again it's my last pregnancy and birth I want to experience as much as I can :)

I have been thinking more and more about the homebirth, I am starting to feel more and more determined to get to term. I was reading Mary Cronks Twin guidelines and keeping a good diet is something I do aim to try and do (with success most days!) and then following a small amount of the Spinning babies guidelines and keeping good posture making sure I sit correctly and use my tummy like a hammock (not sure how well I will be keeping up with that when I am near the end........)
But I think all I can do is try my best and at least I know I have done all I could to grow them.

Will update when I have more news on the homebirth front. Still got lots of info whizzing round so will have to offload soon!


Thursday, 1 December 2011

20 weeks! Sorry I took so long! The twins are..............

Finally I am on here (god I'm crap!)

But we have found out we are blessed with a Boy and a Girl!

They were both head down, girly closer to the exit and both in growing well (although the little man is a little smaller, but it's likely they were conceived days apart).

I'm totally on cloud nine and very happy.

I also saw the consultant and of course homebirth was a big NO, but I have been informed by a local Independent midwife that the Head or midwifery who starts in Jan in the hospital has attended a twin homebirth. If we don't manage to get the support I will be looking at the independent midwife route. Even after a wobbly moment when seeing the consultant (started doubting myself) my strong urge (instincts) is to birth them in water at home.

I'm hoping to make the homebirth support group next week, I'm really going to need it!

Here is some pics of my babies :)

Baby girl :)

And our baby boy :)