Tuesday, 28 February 2012

33 weeks pregnant with twins.

33 weeks pregnant with twins

The ever expanding bump feels so so soooo tight. I have a whole new load of stretch marks now too. To be honest I'm surprised they have only become obvious until now as I thought I'd get lots much earlier.

I have been reading lots of Twin home birth stories and talking to others who have or who are doing the same. It really helps lift the anxiousness I have and reaffirms my own instincts and desire to birth them at home.

Lots of lovely post turned up this week, I orderd the earth mama angel baby nipple cream and it smells lush and feels lovely, so very pleased with that! Some fleece liners and my gorgeous wee notions minki breastpads turned up too. They are so soft and I just love the colours I picked. I will do a pic in the week :)

Not much more other than I hate molasses........ yuk yuk yuk. I will not be carrying on the supplement after pregnancy has finished!

Natasha x

Monday, 20 February 2012

32 weeks pregnant with Twins - 32 Week scan

32 weeks

Well everything went fine, Twin 1 very low so wasn't able to get many of her measurements. Twin 2 however was breech extended which I was quite shocked about as yesterday I was sure he was still head down (guess he could have moved during the night) I'm hoping he does turn but will just have to see, I know it's common for twin 2 to be breech and delivery should be ok but I would feel much happier if he was head down. So fingers crossed he has by 36 week scan.

Twin 2 was coming in at 3lb 6 and there was no weight guess with Twin 1 due to her position but it's likely shes around that or more :)

I had a weird moment with the consultant, I wasn't actually intending to see him and had told the receptionist that I still would like my urine checked etc but I didn't want to see a consultant unless I needed to. So was taken to the room, bp checked and off she went with my wee. Next moment in comes the consultant! ( a different one again ) I felt quite pissed at this point and felt like I just been forced into seeing him (although I don't think it was their intention). I caught a glimpse of the last consultants write up about my wish for a home birth and that I needed telling that it's not supported (which he started to talk about after I had read this) again it was just the same old stuff and then said he wants to see me after 36 week scan to discuss my birth options in hospital which by the way will be monitored, epidural and that's basically what they do end of type attitude. By this point I just shut off, he wrote out a green note for scan and then a letter to book me in to see a consultant again.

He clearly wasn't going to listen so I just said nothing, walked to the desk and gave her the green slip to book the scan........ I got outside and realised that I may have forgotten to do something else, I still can't quite remember what it was.......shame.

If all goes well next time that will be my last visit to the hospital I think unless I manage to miraculously get past 38 weeks, when the consultant seems to think he's inducing me (fat chance!) then I think I will look into having some sort of closer monitoring but not sure about more scans as think there are too many as it is. We will just see!

I haven't got much more to update on other than I feel like a whale and I'm now bigger than I was with the girls....... but it's all good ;-/ (I'm actually counting down the days now!)

Natasha x

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

31 weeks pregnant with twins

31 weeks

Not much happening really other than more discomfort. Woke up a few nights ago to a mouth full of acid (nice!) this then led to coughing and then feeling like I couldn't breathe for an hour. It wasn't pleasent!

My skin is feeling very stretched and starting to feel quite sore and I'm shattered all the time so I've not been too active, I guess that's natures way.

We are busy getting the house in order and I'm slowly ticking things off the list. DD2 is off on her holidays (yay!) but everything has been quite relaxed thankfully (not too much fighting between the girls) so all in all it's all ticking along nicely at the moment.

Will update after my scan next week, it's at 1.30 :)


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

30 weeks pregnant with Twins

30 weeks

I'm feeling quite good at the moment and seem to have some energy from somewhere! I guess my nesting instincts have kicked in and now I'm on a mission to get everything ready in the house and start preparing for their birth!

Still having moments of real anxiety about birth, mainly at how immensely painful it is at the end and just the 'unknown' of how it's going to go (I'm a control freak). I really need to let this go before birth as I'm worried how it will impact it. So I've been looking at getting a Hypnotherapy CD. Hopefully this will take my focus away from the anxiety and come birth day I will be cool as a cucumber!

I've been looking into ways of relieving the afterbirth pains, this is also something that is playing on my mind. I was in complete shock after I birthed Charlotte and they started straight after, I remember asking what was going on and why I was still getting contractions?!! "It's afterbirth pains my dear" It was very painful and even more so when breastfeeding. I used Mag phos (from the helios childbirth kit) and I felt it helped and managed on Paracetamol for one night (the pains lasted around 3 days). I've had a look around to see if there is anything else and Motherwort kept cropping up so I'm going to look into trying that this time as I have a feeling if I'm going to get them again they are going to be worse considering the extra stretching my wombs had to do (and still doing!).

Well I have a bedroom to gut now so will update again soon :)


Thursday, 2 February 2012

Letter from the Head of Midwifery

Sorry for the delay in updating, as some of you will know (who follow the FB page) that I received a letter from the Head of Midwifery in reply to what I wrote to her around the 15th Jan.

Well the letter is lovely! S (we will call her S, I'm not 100% on putting her name on the net) said that she was sorry that some comments I received (from the consultants *cough) felt so negative. She said she would like to support me and my family in making a choice that was right for us and if I decide it's the right decision then they will support that :)

S has said that when a home birth is requested against advice, a chat with the Supervisor of Midwives in my home (which I think will happen around 36 weeks) will be arranged. As she has experience with Twin home birth she said she would be there to support the team if I decided to continue with the Home birth.

The letter was finished with her offering further support if I need it.

I'm very very happy with this and feel even more hopeful that it's actually going to happen. I know I will have the support which is such a huge weight off my mind.