Monday, 30 January 2012

29 weeks pregnant with Twins - No room!! - warning whinge post

29 weeks

29 weeks and feeling much further than that. I can't get off the bed properly which isn't helped by the fact I sleep on the floor (no no don't panic it's by choice! haha). we are a co-sleeping family and both girls slept with us for 2 years solid and now they come in during illnesses and when they feel they need extra comfort (seems to happen around growth spurts which they still seem to get except their not eating more........hmmmm) anyway this happens a lot in the week still and we have slept on just a mattress for around 3 years as it was just safer and more comfortable. But I can't even get off properly due to some wonderful pelvic pain, what a sight I look (I also sleep naked so yes it really is a sight watching me get out of bed ha ha). So I'm in the process of thinking 'wtf?!' am I going to do when I 'm like 37 weeks scenarios in my head, not quite worked it out yet.

Oh the rib pain is getting worse and upper back, finding a position I feel comfortable in is proving to be a little difficult. I manage to get quite comfy on the birth ball but I feel like Twin A will fall out (she feels really low down) if I sit for long so I spend most of the day moving from one area/position to another. Although I've been uncomfortable for many weeks, I feel like my bodies suddenly realised that it's now carrying two babies, I'm really going to feel it and it's going to get harder. My skin feels really stretched and I've felt a few stitch type pains across the lower half (I guess that's the nerves?).

So yeah moving on from the whinging! I spent the weekend looking through Charlotte's old nappy stash. I was surprised to find lots of nappies that I can use pretty much from birth and some small wraps. I knew doing that would make me feel less anxious about the birth and it brought back the excited butterflies about birthing and then meeting both our babies. I took some pictures of my findings as well as my lovely Mother-ease rikki wraps and washable wipes!

Fluff excitement! :)

I have my midwife appointment tomorrow, I must remember to wee before I eat this time and fingers crossed all will be fine and clear.
I'm waiting to hear from the Head of Midwifery, I hope it isn't long as I would really like to see her before the 32 week scan and before writing out my birth plan, I will let all know as soon as I have!

I'll update again soon :)


Saturday, 28 January 2012

Birth Anxiety

I can't stop thinking about the birth and how close I'm getting to the end already.
I'm 29 weeks tomorrow and potentially (having given birth to DD1 at 39 weeks and DD2 at 37 weeks on the dot), I'm quite likely to give birth around 37-39 but I'm swinging more 37 as I'm carrying twins and just don't see how my body will manage to get any further than that (but it could surprise me I guess!). So with that in mind I have 8 weeks left and it's making me feel a bit scared to be honest about birthing two babies.

I remember this pre birth anxiety with Charlotte (DD2) and when I went into labour the fear/anxiety went straight away and I sort of let go of it and was able to focus throughout, and had a lovely quick home water birth. I'm sure it's only natural to feel like this. I didn't get the birth anxiety with Olivia, I was quite naive I think but now I know what I'm about to do and having to do it with two babies is very daunting!

This feeling has only really started recently, but I think it's not helped by the fact that I'm not organised at all and haven't really got much 'ready' for them or myself.
So this will be my focus until 37 weeks when they can come (they will stay!).

Oo I forgot about the mother-ease wraps, will try and do that on Mon with new bump pic :)


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

28 weeks + 1 Growth scan and consultant appointment

28 weeks

Everything went well with the babies, Twin 1 - 2lb 5oz and Twin 2 - 2lb 3oz so I'm really pleased about that! Twin 1 was head down too (I already knew that.......... rib pain lessened and I'm super on the ball! ha ha) She's very low in my pelvis and Twin 2 little man has his head right next to her shoulder. I got to see his face too which was really nice :)
I also had their sexes confirmed again and she said quite confidently boy and girl.

I also did a very good deed while waiting for the consultant, my Dad's friend was there and his wife who was 32 weeks and her baby was breech, so I directed her to spinning babies :) She didn't know she could do anything to help turn the baby. I find this sad, women are just not informed enough about ways they can help themselves and babies just by doing a few very simple things! But I guess it would cost too much to tell them all............... *roll eyes

I found spinning babies when I was desperate to make sure I did everything I could to have my second at home, I was absolutely amazed at the information and was gutted I didn't know before.

Although there is a small amount of information at Antenatal classes, it's later in the pregnancy. Which is sad as the info could be given earlier and if more women were aware of Optimal fetal positioning (and it was emphasised how important this was) then surely more women would have more 'straightforward' births and avoided the unnecessary traumatic induction from simply rolling their hips round on a ball and sitting correctly............ (referring to my own experience of labour with the added pitocin, this was not something I ever want to repeat again!) I understand other factors come into it of course but I do wonder!

Right well the consultant appointment, it went ok. When I say ok it's because I wasn't shouted at! ha ha. I think it was down to the fact it wasn't Mr W who I saw the first time it was some other guy. My Dad was there also so I think his presence helped (he has the head nutting look so people just assume he will if the say the wrong word, when he isn't like that at ha ha).

The consultant asked how the scan went (why? did you not read the info or talk to the sonographer?!) and how I was, he told me I need my T4 checking and was asking why it hadn't been checked (I'm not the effin doctor?!) I have been having the TSH checked (I had over half my thyroid removed a few years ago due to a non cancerous tumor) so I have to tell them to check that next time and that I also had glucose in my wee (noooooo) but I had weetabix with a little bit more sugar than I should of had along with saltanas before doing a wee (as well as lots of fruit juice in the night) so I hope it was that! He asked me to get it checked next with the midwife and if it shows up again I need to have a GTT, which I really hope I do not have to have!! I would be so unwell not eating for length of time! I can't go 1 hour without feeling sickness hunger, I get up in the night to eat as I can't sleep because of hunger pains and feeling unwell so god knows what I will do if it's advised to do that.......

He then went on to ask if I had spoke about the 'birth options' (ha ha what a joke!) I said that I was having a Home birth.
He said it was my choice of course but I will find no OB in the country who would support that, and was I aware of such and such risk and what can happen if this and this happens............ I told him it was all ifs and buts at the moment as I might not even get to term but I was aware of the risks I have done my research and currently still feel happy to birth them at home.

He made it quite clear that he would not discuss Home birth with me and as it was my choice to not follow their advice they won't talk about it and won't get involved. Which I knew. Although he seemed keen to point out that we would need to discuss hospital birth options nearer the time but I'm hoping I can talk about that with the Head of Midwifery (on the basis of needing to go or not feeling happy with a home birth). I asked him to contact her (ha ha his face) as I wanted to speak to her, he asked me why (what do you mean why?) and I said that I needed to discuss the birth and again he pointed out that as it's not supported there's only so much she can say/do etc (did he forget that she attended and facilitated a Twin home birth in the NHS?!) He said I should hear within the next 4 weeks as I had wrote to her as well but just wanted to get him to realise I was serious.

I have my next appointment on the 20th Feb at 1.30 and I will be 32 weeks (scary!), I think I might cancel seeing the consultant (unless there is something wrong with the babies) as there was no point, I have found out far more and done far more than what they have given or done for me so it's just a waste of time.

Totally moving on from that I bought some Motherease rikki wraps XS (from 5.5lb) and they still look too big! I haven't got time now but in the week I will put some pics of my little collection!

Natasha x

Sunday, 22 January 2012

27 weeks 6 days Twins ~ Maternity Support Belt ~

Right so firstly before I talk about general Twin pregnancy stuff, I just wanted to write a review on the support belt I bought.

This is the belt on (excuse the messy floor, the girls decided they wanted ALL the toys out there and then!)
And this is it with my top over.

As you can see you can't really tell I'm wearing one, it's also quite comfortable but I wouldn't keep it on all day, just for walking. It's not that comfortable when I lay on the couch or sit on my ball, but that's fine as I want it for walking.

I have worn it 3 or 4 times now, and have noticed quite a difference when walking. My pelvis seemed to hurt less and there was less 'achiness' all round.

Only issue I seem to have now is sciatica, getting off the sofa (which I hardly sit on now) then putting my foot down sends those shooting pains right up my leg and bum and I can't walk for a few seconds. I also experienced it in town quite badly while walking and ended up with one very sore lower bump too (was walking a bit fast) so now I think I better slow down.

I feel like I'm barely doing that much as it is, it's getting me down that I can't put out washing without aching or feeling like I can't breathe because of braxton hicks! Yes while I'm on the subject they are quite frequent again, they aren't painful but when I have them I feel like I have lost my breath! It's a very strange sensation and I don't like it!! I get it worse when I lay on my left side too. I have asked doctor death Google and it seems many women experience this too. So I'm not worried.

Back to the belt! Yes I would recommend women using these, particularly women who are carrying multiples. I'm sure I will be reporting some more about it as the pregnancy progresses and I become a beach ball on a toothpick :-D

Well I'm really starting to feel uncomfortable, I had a go at measuring and my fundal height came out at 35cms. It made me eeek a little and I did it again to check and it was the same. My god I'm going to get huge!

I get to find out tomorrow if my body is working well as its growth scan day and consultant appointment after. I'm looking forward to seeing their growth but would rather skip him after, I just know there is going to be some comments made about my choice of birth place, well likely to be more than comments I have a feeling he's going to be quite rude. Not only this but he is going to look a bit of a twit anyway as he made it very clear last time that I would not get the support off NHS staff, I wouldn't find it. Well he was wrong, I did! and he will see in my green notes that I am perusing with the Home birth (while all is well of course).

So I'm feeling a little nervous about that, if he does become an ass I will stop seeing him until I need too.

I was going to write a bit more today but my ribs are aching and a vanilla slice is calling me (after I have eaten an apple........ *cough) but I will try and update tomorrow after seeing the babies :)

Natasha x

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

26 weeks pregnant with Twins - Heartburn Hell!

26 weeks Twin Pregnancy

Wow it's my last week in the 2nd trimester!

I've been looking forward to this part of pregnancy. Mainly down to the fact that I knew I would feel and know babies were doing well by this point in time, chance of miscarriage has gone right down and I was kinda hoping I would feel a lot more confident about giving birth at home by now too. Well I can tick that one! because I really do feel confident and everything seems to be falling into place nicely, although I'm sure when I see the consultant he wont be thinking the same thing :).......... oh well.

I met my new midwife and I'm very happy! I felt very comfortable with her. We discussed the homebirth and she said that basically they have to make sure I know the risks etc and as long as I am comfortable and it's where I feel happier giving birth then they have to support my decision. This of course was the total opposite of the consultants views, it will certainly be an interesting conversation when he see what the Midwife has wrote in my green notes about me pursuing a homebirth......... fly on the wall anyone?

I have said though that if at any point before or during labour (needed to be transferred) I have any doubt or don't 'feel' right I wouldn't hesitate to have them in hospital, it would be stupid not to! But as it stands knowing I could be giving birth to our babies in a pool in the kitchen gives me a total sense of relief and calm feelings. So while I have them, I'm hopeful of getting to term and having a homebirth.

Oh and what the heck! (much stronger language was going to be used) heartburn anyone?! God it's awful! It's been nearly every night I've had it now. The burning and acid in my throat is so horrible and I thought I had it bad in the girls pregnancies! Not an inch on it!

Suffice to say the gavi is coming straight out of a bottle in the early hours of the night!

I have ordered a maternity support belt and hopefully it should come this week. My MW let me borrow one she had and it's certainly what I need! I can see how it would support me and I'm hoping will keep me mobile towards the end.
I can't sit for too long, it would drive me insane! I will update about it when it comes :)

We are also really unsure (mainly me) on names for them, I just can't find anything I like or feel comfortable with. So I really will be waiting to decide until they are born now, I hope we can find one we want when they are here.

Oh and the "oh my god I'm having twins!" keeps hitting me, and it really does HIT you! Two babies at the same time..... mind blowing!
I feel blessed and totally crapping myself at the same time, but I guess even when they are here it's not going to sink in for awhile!

Right I will update again soon with belt news. :)


Monday, 2 January 2012

25 weeks - Twin Pregnancy Blog - Whinge

25 weeks

Well I feel massive already. Measuring 30 weeks and feeling slightly fed up.

My stomach and ribs constantly feel sore, I'm burping a lot and to top it off the worst heartburn I have ever experienced. I am sure this is because little miss has her head wedged up there somewhere and as she and her brother are squashed together it is only going to make it feel worse............ poor organs.

They are both wriggling a lot and pressing on my bladder, I am weeing a lot but thank fully haven't needed to in the night yet.

I am looking at buying a pregnancy support belt, I have read how helpful the can be so I think it's worth a go! Will update when I get it.

Oh on a positive note I found a weight chart that was based on average weights in singleton pregnancies. Little man and little miss are around the average for a singleton's development so I am even more pleased! :)

Here is a link and a copy of the chart.

Gestational Age Weight (gm) Weight (lb/oz)

8 weeks 1.0 gm 0.035 oz
9 weeks 3.0 gm 0.11 oz
10 weeks 5.0 gm 0.18 oz
11 weeks 12.5 gm 0.44 oz
12 weeks 20 gm 0.7 oz
13 weeks 40 gm 1.4 oz
14 weeks 60 gm 2.1 oz
15 weeks 90 gm 3.2 oz
16 weeks 120 gm 4.2 oz
17 weeks 170 gm 6.0 oz
18 weeks 220 gm 7.75 oz
19 weeks 275 gm 9.7 oz
20 weeks 330 gm 11.6 oz
21 weeks 395.5 gm 13.9 oz
22 weeks 460 gm 1 lb
23 weeks 555 gm 1 lb 3 oz
24 weeks 655 gm 1 lb 7 oz
25 weeks 750 gm 1 lb 10 oz
26 weeks 850 gm 1 lb 14 oz
27 weeks 975 gm 2 lb 2 oz
28 weeks 1100 gm 2 lb 7 oz
29 weeks 1260 gm 2 lb 12 oz
30 weeks 1420 gm 3 lb 2 oz
31 weeks 1585 gm 3 lb 7 oz
32 weeks 1750 gm 3 lb 14 oz
33 weeks 1915 gm 4 lb 3 oz
34 weeks 2080 gm 4 lb 9 oz
35 weeks 2250 gm 4 lb 15 oz
36 weeks 2420 gm 5 lb 5 oz
37 weeks 2660 gm 5 lb 14 oz
38 weeks 2900 gm 6 lb 6 oz
39 weeks 3075 gm 6 lb 12 oz
40 weeks 3250 gm 7 lb 2 oz