Monday, 31 October 2011

16 weeks pregnant with twins

16 weeks

I don't feel much of a growth change this week but I am feeling their taps a lot more and have become hourly or more which is lovely and reassuring.
My sickness has started to come back, although it hadn't totally gone I did have a few weeks of far less than I had experienced but in the morning I'm feeling sick and food issues are creeping in again.
I just hope it goes away and it's a glitch!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

15 weeks 6 days pregnant with twins.

I'm having twins!

Ok so I am having an OMG moment, hitting me again I am going to give birth to two babies! My body is making two babies! It isn't going to feel real until they are here and even when they are I am sure I will look down while feeding them both and still feel disbelief that I have made and given birth to two babies as well as mastering tandem feeding all in one! I am sure I am going to be hit intermittently through out the pregnancy with OMG as it really is still a shock.

Pregnancy dreams

I have never experienced so many odd dreams and nightmares during pregnancy before, I guess hormones could play a part, as well as subconscious worries. Although I don't have nightmares about the pregnancy or babies it's always unrelated but I am pregnant in them and aware of that while dreaming. But yes very weird and some quite frightening!

Alternative cold remedies for children

I have been making vapor coconut rub and lavender/spearmint steam bowls as the girls have had bad colds (well more so Olivia with the coughing).
It worked very well, along with New Era colds and chesty coughs homeopathy range and a few high in Vit C Pome'gannets' (Charlotte will not budge on the name!) she had a peak day yesterday and is noticeably much better having only started a few days ago and hasn't suffered (been wingy or unlike herself). The steam bowls have seemed to also get both girls off quicker, I think it's the lavender relaxing them and I have also noticed Olivia is calmer when she wakes at night, where as before there was some sort of 'drama' when she woke (when there was nothing wrong, just over tired). It could be all coincidence but I believe these things have worked :)

I will try and update tomorrow with a pic, but I am rubbish at updating............ so don't quote me ;-)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

15 weeks 1 day - Twin Pregnancy

15 weeks

Just a small update with 15 week bump picture. Even my uterus has crept just above my tummy button in just a few days or so (feel it every morning) . Babies kicking lovely and feel them at least 2/3 times a day which is really reassuring!

We decided to use the holidays to tidy (among take the girls certain places etc) as it's just totally got on top of me... well us and we need to sort it out as it's driving me insane!
So toy sorting and cleaning the house being the main things to do........(I still haven't managed to put dusting into my routine however.......... I don't dust).
It's getting done bit by bit and just helps have a clearer head, until we have the next lot of mess, but oh well!


Saturday, 22 October 2011

14 weeks 5 days ~ Pregnant with Twins

14 weeks

I haven't been on much lately as my mind has been else where but here is a 14 week picture I took.
I am in shock at how big I am already and compared this pic with my pictures from when I was pregnant with Charlotte and I am bigger then I was at 18 weeks with her.

My uterus is at my tummy button now and from what I remember it was just above my pubic bone at this stage in my singleton pregnancies.
The growth rate is amazing. Every evening I listen to them both before going to sleep, they are either side of my tummy button, they both kick and move about (it sounds like a microphone being kicked) Olivia loves having a listen and often tells them off for kicking as she 'doesn't like the banging noise'.

Along with the ever expanding bump I am already walking differently, my pelvis really aches after short distances and if I sit for long periods I cease up! I think I should talk to the midwife but I can only get hold of her on a Thursday morning. I guess I should just book an appointment, but shes flaming miles away (not able to see her at GP's) and it's not on a direct bus route........... gahhhhh! it's frustrating! But I will do it.
I hope it passes as I am sure its just from the relaxing of the ligaments etc.

I have been thinking about the scan.
Although I am really excited about having the 20 week scan I am nervous for a few reasons.
I am obviously concerned about their well being, they did look good at the 12 week scan but more can be seen at 20 weeks and I just hope they are BOTH growing well, I had this with the girls but there was only 1 to worry about!
I'm also quite nervous about finding out the sex, Yes I will be happy with girls again of course but I am yearning for a little boy and having two babies is increasing the odds a little more for me, silly really but it is on my mind, I just want it over with and I can concentrate and focus on my new baby girl and boy..... or girls and boys!!

I've come up with a plan to ensure I am more likely to get the names I want. We are not going to decide until birth (he doesn't know yet......... whoops!) and in the moment of high emotions I will suggest the names I would like then.........sneaky but it's more likely to work and to be honest I will already have a feeling of what will suit them before hand. We picked Olivia's name quite early and Charlotte's the night before the scan ,I just knew I was having a girl right at that moment and the name was just plucked out of know where as I never had that name in my mind before I said it (very strange!).
This time (I am not going to say the names yet as I am not 100%) I currently have a boy and girl name in mind and feel very comfortable with them, so I am wondering if this is a sign.......... could be WELL off the mark of course and be surprised with same sex twins but will just have to see :)

I have been thinking more about the birth and have decided that I should do more than one birth plan (well integrated still I guess) to just cover the possible and likely scenarios for peace of mind and that I am going to get some say in my own Twin birth.

I'm not necessarily going to say how I want each birth more what I would like to happen and just make clear my intentions are for a natural birth.

If they come after 37 weeks providing they have both been well throughout pregnancy and are in good positions I will be pushing for a Home birth (as explained before).
But if they come before of course hospital birth it will be but I will be still opting for minimal intervention unless needed.

I am both looking forward to the consultant appointment and slightly nerved, I don't like confrontation but as this hospital is very 'medical managed birth' I am likely to be faced with it. I will be continuing my research on it and using this when needed, but I wish I didn't have to. Of course in lots of births things go wrong but not all do and I understand I am an increased risk but I need to birth them as I feel is best and a consultant/hospital should respect what an informed parent wants........ that will be the day.

Well I am off for now but will update again very soon.... much sooner than before! :)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Twins 12 week scan - 12 weeks 1 day

Firstly I didn't manage to get on yesterday to upload a new bump pic so here it is :)
Although this was taken on Sunday at 11 weeks 6 days

Right so after all that worry and reading scary stories the Twins were absolutely fine!!
What a relief.

Here's some pictures :)

I have another of them both together but can only see twin 1's head and for some reason it's been uploaded sideways so will try and mess with the another time!

Twin 1 is measuring slightly smaller (only by mm) but everything is perfect, they were moving around kicking and wriggling. The experience was incredibly surreal, seeing two it just amazing!

She said they are DI/DI twins (di-chorionic, di-amniotic) So it's unlikely they are identical, so looking like I did ovulate twice!

I have now gone into acceptance that now YES I am having twins and I feel the twin journey has really started!

We have the 20 week scan booked for 28th November when hopefully things will be still good and we can find out the sex. I will also be having the awaited consultant appointment.......... that will be very very interesting!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

2nd October - Family time

Because of the amount of sickness I have experienced, tiredness and generally feeling under the weather the garden was very neglected and grass a little longer than Id like. Also we haven't spent much time going out as a family either due to lots of reasons but mainly down the fact I have felt so poorly.

So Saturday after Olivia's swimming lesson we all met in town. I went in town alone first to get some white socks for Olivia, I really feel we have some sort of sock monster as they have all gone missing and the ones she did have left were getting small. So it shouldn't take me long to find socks in town, should it?
It took me an hour! I went everywhere, it was rubbish! Even Primark didn't have any suitable socks.
I finally found some in Debenhams £4 for 6 pairs which was not bad, so panic over we have SOCKS!

After this I met up with the girls and Paul and we went for lunch on the Barbican.
It was such a lovely warm day, really shocked by this October weather but enjoying it while it lasts!

After we had a lovely ice cream opposite the Harbor, and the girls really enjoyed it.

Today we tackled the grass........ well when I say we I mean Paul! I am just so achey and my pelvis is giving me grief (sounds like a good excuse I know!) but it is already very uncomfortable. I am finding I am out of breath quickly too, I honestly feel I am much further on in the pregnancy, I look much further on and have already been asked (school gates on Friday) whether I knew if I was having a boy or girl................ Well you can imagine their faces when I tell them I am only 12 weeks nearly and could be having one of each. So yes I look already half way.........

I am becoming quite anxious about Tuesdays dating scan, having read too much about vanishing twin and obviously the normal 'are they healthy' I am feeling quite worried about it. Again having listened to them both (and can hear them moving now on the doppler) the size of my bump and the fact I am still sick most days, leads me to believe they are fine. Just wish that little nagging niggle of motherhood worrying would stop........ which it will after the scan!

Oh and I managed to see a doctor last week, who only then asked me to book in for blood tests next week....... quite annoying as he could have done it himself and saved me the extra trip but hey I guess he's too important!

Will update tomorrow with bump pic!

Natasha x