Monday, 12 March 2012

35 weeks - Twin Pregnancy

Eeeek 35 weeks!

I feel like I have 'dropped' a bit, you wont see it in the pic but under my top you can really see how low it's hanging there! Twin 1 is burrowing herself right down and I'm sure she has engaged somewhat due to the pelvic pain and full on duck walk!

I've been getting painful braxton hicks, well more ache than pain I guess but uncomfortable and all the pre birth prep is flooding back to me now from DD2s pregnancy. It's quite exciting!

I went to the home birth group and picked up the birth pool as the next meeting I will be nearly 39 weeks and going by my 39 and 37 weekers (and now carrying twins!) I thought it was unlikely I'd make the next!
I'm really happy to see it here as the water helped so much with DD2 and it would be lovely to have them both in water.

My Midwife and the supervisor of Midwives is coming to my home on Wednesday to discuss the home birth. I will update after I've seen them of course ;-)

I also have an Independent Midwife coming the following week as I have invited her to the birth, I thought it would be great for her to see a home twin birth (and quite likely a long time before she sees another!) so will have a chat about whats going to happen and in what way she will be involved but she will be mostly observing I think :)

It feels a little surreal, I'm actually very near the end and over the next 3/4 weeks I will have our two babies. The anxiety about birth is lessening now due to feeling very fed up and over with it! Which is great as it was getting to me a little.

Not much else now to add but will update with more news soon! :)

Natasha x


  1. <3 love reading your blog. Look forward to hearing your homebirth experience!