Tuesday, 28 February 2012

33 weeks pregnant with twins.

33 weeks pregnant with twins

The ever expanding bump feels so so soooo tight. I have a whole new load of stretch marks now too. To be honest I'm surprised they have only become obvious until now as I thought I'd get lots much earlier.

I have been reading lots of Twin home birth stories and talking to others who have or who are doing the same. It really helps lift the anxiousness I have and reaffirms my own instincts and desire to birth them at home.

Lots of lovely post turned up this week, I orderd the earth mama angel baby nipple cream and it smells lush and feels lovely, so very pleased with that! Some fleece liners and my gorgeous wee notions minki breastpads turned up too. They are so soft and I just love the colours I picked. I will do a pic in the week :)

Not much more other than I hate molasses........ yuk yuk yuk. I will not be carrying on the supplement after pregnancy has finished!

Natasha x

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