Wednesday, 23 November 2011

18 weeks and 19 weeks pregnant with twins............ I'm rubbish!

18 weeks 19weeks

Well I'm now 19 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I have been avoiding a lot of pregnancy related stuff (not going on forums much etc) as I'm really getting nervous about our scan on Monday.
I can't believe the time is finally here and how quick has it gone already?! But I'm anxious to see they are both growing well and anxious to find out the sex.
I'm starting to get prepared for this non existent consultant appointment and get my facts written down incase I need them (which I am likely too). Found some really interesting things in the new NICE guidelines for twin pregnancy but I will go over that when I have more time.

Here are the NICE guidelines for those interested.

Twin pregnancy

They both seem to be very active, I feel the rolling around and have had the odd foot prodding out! I lent over to get my drink the other night and felt something uncomfortable that was protruding a little... so I pushed it and it quickly moved! I had forgotten this part and I didn't think it would be happening yet! I can feel them kicking from the outside, it's really lovely but strange that it's happening everywhere!

The braxton hicks are still here a lot, I do remember experiencing quite a few of them during Charlottes pregnancy but these are most certainly stronger. I am not worried about them as I know its all good practice. If they get any worse I think I will mention it.


  1. You're not rubbish!! Braxtons are definitely a LOT worse second time round; I felt them sooner and they were stronger - and they were bad enough the first time.

    Looking forward to hearing the gender! Xx

  2. Thank you!

    Well I had them in my second pregnancy quite a lot, I guess now on number 3 and 4 they will be even more frequent! :) x

    Yes me too!! x