Sunday, 22 April 2012

Breastfeeding Twins ~ Tandem, Rugby and side by side............

Breastfeeding Twins ~ Jack and Megan a few days old 

A few weeks ago I vaguely remember saying how easy breastfeeding Twins was to a few people and I really should highlight the word WAS boldly. 
It isn't anymore! It's tiring, I'm a little sore and they feed ALL day and ALL night (well it feels like they are constantly attached!) they are regularly on and off (Megan is now stirring having only fed half hour ago......)

I know they are going through a growth spurt but they have had one since birth and it's just got worse! ha ha 

I've discovered that I really dislike tandem feeding, there are a few reason why.
Firstly it feels weird (hardly descriptive but the word suits) I just can't wait for them to stop feeding when I have to feed them this way (most feeds as of late.... *sigh) this makes me feel quite sad as I know many mums love tandeming their babes but it's not for me.
It's much easier if you do like doing it, because then you have longer between feeds but I quite like the individual time spent with each, so that doesn't bother me much.

Number 2 - It's bloody uncomfortable. Even when I'm propped with pillows I still feel uncomfortable, but I guess number 1 reason doesn't help.

Number 3 - I can't do anything! I can't reach for a drink, type (this is essential! )........ I'm stuck!. My boobs are not big enough to move about much, so when I try to reach for things they unlatch and get annoyed. 

I've tried all tandem positions and prefer to use the side by side (3rd image on first row)

So yeah I try to avoid doing it but lately the feeding is very frequent and quite often they both want to feed at the same time, so I have no choice. I know some reading will be saying well why not pump and someone feed the other occasionally?... but I prefer not to interfere with building my supply before 6 weeks, demand feeding is there for a reason and so I keep telling myself  "I't WILL get easier!" plus I'm far too pig headed when I feel a certain way about how I want to do things, I guess that's one of the reasons for getting our home birth! Happy Smiley

Megan is a hoover and nipple feeder, she has been since birth and made my nipple bleed on day 3, but the Earth Mama Angel Baby quickly remedied that one! I also swapped them over so she didn't do any further 'damage' but my nipples are still sore, hopefully they will toughen up again soon.

Even though it's hard and tiring the benefits of doing it are MASSIVE! This list keeps me going............ (click image to englarge) plus if you right click and open in new tab/window you can zoom in!
ever wondered whats in breast milk?

Not only this but I do love the closeness and how much I saw it do for my girls, to me it's something I should do and if I'm able to (which I am) then no matter what I will until we feel ready to stop.

I'm currently planning to go to 2 years (Lottie fed to a few weeks shy of her 2nd birthday) so when we get there I will maybe rethink then. 

For now this is it as it's took me 2 hours to write this with all the boob breaks!

Natasha x


  1. I tandem nursed a baby and 23 month old. At the time is was fustrating, and tiring, and I didn't think I liked it. I know look back with fond memories, and hope I get to do it again some day. You are doing the best for you and them, keep up the good work Momma!!

  2. My twins are 6 days old and I too have mixed feeling on tandem nursing! This is baby 5 and 6 for us and I've never had sore nipples, I'm hoping it's just because they are being worked over time! You are doing a great job, keep up the good work momma! I've enjoyed reading your blog. I too had a natural child birth, 2nd baby was footling breech, but we delivered in a hospital! I support home births 100% but we have always had wonderful hospital experiences. If you like me you love to read birth stories, I just posted mine on my twin blog.

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    2. Hi dear, i'd love to read birth stories as my first 3 were all hoke births. Unlike you i do not like the smell
      Of hospitals but i am 6 months and expecting. I'd love to read other womens experiences and get a view from them. Your blog is private, can i get an invite? My email is

  3. Hello,

    My 10 month old twins are exclusively breastfed. It is hard work so well done, it sounds like you are doing a great job.

    I can't recommend the EZ2 twin feeding cushion highly enough. It allows you to tandem feed in the double rugby hold with your hands free. It was invaluable when they were going through growth spurts in the early days.