Monday, 26 March 2012

37 weeks pregnant with Twins - Home birth here we come!

Excuse the minging mirror!

37 weeks today and it really is the best feeling to have got through to this stage!

I had a presentation scan today and after some moving about from one room to another (couldn't see clearly and they wanted an experienced Twin sonographer) Both were found to be still head down, except the little madam is in OP position. So I've been on my hand and knees and hoping she moves round, which she will likely do :).......... I have every faith!

Twin two's head is literally sitting right between her chin and shoulder, the sonographer commented that it looked  like they were both fighting for lead position! It certainly looked that way! :)

(gross post)
I have honestly never seen so much gunk......... had another massive show today and 3 small amounts, I certainly feel my body is gearing up!

Sleep is interrupted hourly with toilet or cramps, I take this as pre-baby training as I'm sure this will likely continue when they are here ;-)

My feet are swelling daily now (well it doesn't really go down), it's quite mild so just more of an uncomfortable nuisance. I haven't really had a lot of problems in this pregnancy and feel lucky to have gone through it as well as I have so I can't complain!

Everything is ready in the house. The pool has been blown up and propped up against the kitchen wall, my birth box and the hospital birth box is ready too.

Oh and I nearly forgot! we have a lady coming out to collect both placentas after the birth and she's going to make me a smoothie and placenta capsules! We decided we would have someone else do it and she has let us pay monthly to help :) I'm going to have lots of pills from both of these placentas! The smoothie sounds very erm interesting and apparently you can't actually taste it due to all the berries etc that is used, the reports of how women feel after is what has swung me to try it. I will certainly be reporting back when I have had it!

I have a feeling that maybe before my next update they will be here. When I do go into labour I will update my facebook page as it's much quicker, so keep your eye out!

Natasha x


  1. My twins were born at home 13 years ago this month. i almost envy you right now, though with 5 kids now, i am not sure i am up to tins again. But they are great, awesome, wonderful! good luck and blessings on your journey!

  2. Thank you very much Tabitha! Wow 5 children, what a super mum you must be ;)

    Thank you very much for your supportive comment, it really helps! :)

  3. Congrats on 37 weeks! Your belly looks adorable! Very excited for you. My midwife suggested I drink plenty of water with a splash of pure cranberry and I had very little edema with my second pregnancy. Might be worth a try!