Monday, 18 June 2012

And finally I can update!



These past near 12 weeks (yes nearly 12! where the heck has it gone?!) have just flown by. It only feels like yesterday that I gave birth to TWO beautiful babies at home (well apart from sore nipples I'm glad I don't have them anymore!) I'm still completely on a home birth high and now feel incredibly proud of myself that I stuck to it and achieved the birth I wanted. It didn't sink in until I had seen the doctor for our 6 week check (which was last week... nearly 5 weeks late... my bad!) Dr 'J' checked over both babies (who are now - Megan 8lb 6 and Jack 9lb! yes he's shot in front of her!) both came out perfect and then after the usual shock that I'm still breastfeeding followed by the 'am I OK?' we got to the home birth (I was soooo waiting for it!) "so you had a home birth?... how did that happen?" ...... me "errr well I organised it with the NHS midwives and the Head of Midwifery........." (gave her a weird look......stupid!) I went on to tell her that I did what was right for me therefore being the right thing for them too, all scans had been fine and we were all healthy. She didn't say much else apart from whether they went onto transitional care (which they didn't) so I didn't have the awkwardness I was expecting. Dr 'J' then went onto praising me about breastfeeding  and said I seemed to be doing very well so I left happy :)

It has been a very emotional ride having twins (I'm sure that will continue!), it's mainly the sleep deprivation that's been the hardest for me. In the first 6 weeks they fed nearly hourly 24/7, it was tough some nights but we are through it now and we just have the cluster feeding in the evening and growth spurts, they sleep 2 hourly or more during the day and I get about 3ish hours of unbroken sleep at night (doesn't sound much but trust me it's heaven!) and then I can just drift in and out during feeds..... the beauty of co sleeping!
I have managed to get them both feeding at different times at night too, this would be a nightmare to some twin mums but I prefer to roll over to one and then the other, I can't do the sitting up and trying to not nod off while feeding them!

I'm now also at the smiling and the cooing stage! I love it, you can really see their personalities and how very different they both are, it's great!. I've also noticed how noisy it is having two! If ones not grunting the other ones farting (or both at the same time!) or when both start crying (Megan makes out it's like the end of the world unless she has my nipple in her mouth!) the whole house knows about it! Bless :)

I don't really want to talk about the negatives I've experienced over the past weeks as really they are quite insignificant to the amount of positives that come with having our two extra babes, I'm really trying to enjoy this newborn stage before it goes and as I have small babies still I'm going to style it out for as long as possible!

The girls have really taken to them both being in our lives and show them so much affection, I really can't see our life before having them, they just slot in lovely :)

I need both hands now so will go, I will update again soon when I find five minutes again!

Natasha x


  1. You're doing fabulously hun!!

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  4. hi
    congratulations on your twins. im pregnant with twins and ive been wondering about co sleeping. i have 2 older children that i coslept with but just wandering about the practicalities and logistics of 2 babies at the same time! i have a super king bed so its not space that concerns me. could you please fill me in?
    thanks so much

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